himmelgeist ittern düsseldorf 2001

Himmelgeist Ittern  Düsseldorf 

1 Prize Architect Competition 2001

Masterplan 2002

Landscape project 2003

Just south of Düsseldorf where the Rhine meanders in a loop, the two villages by the river Himmelgeist and Itter will emerge to a new town. We propose a central meadow as a common and recreational landscape link between the villages. It ensures both a contact with the river, the surrounding fields and a living in the idyllic Rhine landscape.

The new living areas will be defined behind dykes and divided by new and existing fruit and poplar rows. Accesses to the living areas is by those element, both as an outer scenic route to the great landscape as an inner living route, between housing, yards and green areas.


Architect     Lorenzen Mayer Architekten Gmbh

Landscape Architect     Becht aps

Client     Landeshaupstadt Düsseldord 

Area      ca. 24 ha