waldbaldviertel colonge 2013

waldbaldviertel  colonge

Waldbaldviertel is Colognes newest environment profilproject - with high demands on innovation and sustainability

Type                1 Prize Architect Competition 2011

Landscape      Becht aps

Team                Lorenzen Mayer Architekten Gmb

Client               GAG Immobilien Köln + Stadt Köln

Areal                14 ha, 2000 Homes 

Status              Built 2015

Award              Viertel vor Grün, German Landscape Award 2016

living in an attractive landscape

Cologne needs housing in a varied mix of homes for families, who demands a new and modern way of living.

Our answer is to organize an urban garden city, that will both be in direct connection with the surrounding landscape, as an inner attractive meadow.  We introduce qualities bringing buildings, urban places, yards and landscape togheter. Its result are a diversity of places and activities that will add a great social value 

The area is large as 17 football pitches and one of the largest construction projects in Cologne.

We add a great social value and a variety of activities to the identity of living in nature

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Frederik VI Alle 9,  2000 Frederiksberg,  Denmark
CVR  DK 35 39 04 99

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