maren södertälje 2012

maren  soedertälje

We bring life to Maren waterfront with great accessibility between many attractions

Type                2 Prize Architect Competition 2012

Landscape      Becht aps

Team               Ersues Arkitekter

Client              Municipality of Södertälje + NCC

Areal               Maren and downtown Södertälje

Status             Masterplan Waterfront Project 2013


bind city to waterfront

The transparence in the new buildings should not only ensure a visual contact between the city and the waterfront, but also create new spaces for culture and recreation. Binding the commerce in city with the life on the waterfront­.

In addition, we redesign the harbor towards a more human scale dividing the huge area into minor and different spaces to stay and play.  Likewise adding a super accessibility between the city center and the many attractions on the waterfront, that could be further expanded throughout the entire Maren area.

Bringing a diversity and variety in new attractive spaces to the waterfront - for all inhabitants -will shape Maren as the city's new cultural and recreative hub.

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