city box stockholm 2013

city box stockholm

City box represents the new generation of pavilions, it is superflexible and sustainable

Type                Design Competition 2013

Architect         Becht aps

Team               NordicConcept AB

Client              Municipality of Stockholm

Areal               Medborgarplatsen, Strandvägen, Smeduddsbadet



a super mobile pavilion

First, we bring a very light weighted but of strong glulam wood type Autarki, which has a high insulation value and is incredibly durable. Then we add the newest generation of solar films to roof and gabbles of hardened glass. Next, we mount a sound absorbing floor with a unique design. 

Finally, we install thinly sliding doors in beautifully natural wood on all sides of the box.

We want to design with a Scandinavian simplicity in form and materials bringing sobriety, space and identity to the location

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