västhamnen helsinborg 2012

västhamnen helsingborg

The new generation harbour should both be super effective and bring new urban qualities to the city

Type                Concept Brief / Waterfront Project 2012

Architect         Becht aps

Team               Wsp Ab Sweden

Client              Municipality of Helsingborg

Areal               Västhamnen Helsingborg

the port to the city 

Västhamnen represents a new development in Helsingborg. The new generation of harbour should both be super effective in its logistics and economy _and bring new urban qualities to the city.

First we want to establish a recreational urban element where the habour hooks on to the city as a "High Line". You walk on top af a wide curtain construction overlooking Øresund. In addition we strenghten living qualities by bringing new activites along the city's new boulevard.

Next we want to connect the city to the waterfront by a "Low line". We propose a huge wooden deck for fishing, fitness and resting - or just to enjoy the sunset.

It is a question apart identity that add new social, environmental and recreational values to the city by the sea

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