østervold randers 2006

oestervold randers

Østervold placemake itself as the city's central, unique  urban space of a very high quality

Type                1 Prize Architect Competition 2000

Architect         Becht + Ibsen          

Client               Municipality of Randers  

Areal                ca 600 x 40 meter

Status              Built 2006 

Awards            Randers Architecture Award 2001 and 2006

representative and flexible space

Østervold is an atypical large open and axially urban space which differs from the city's dense centre with winding streets and small squares.

Our proposal focuses on this contrast by refining the topography, movements and meetings. It is with a minimalist and representative architecture in only granite, steel and wood. At the same time, we also want to create simplicity in the plan by linking the city to Østervold. Changing the traffic logistic we create a new multi flexible use of Østervold.

Østervold distinguished itself  with a comprehensive answer of exceptionally high quality. We call it " A minimal of design and a maximum of quality"

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