generate arlöv skåne 2011

generate arlöv skåne


Arlöv will be visible throughout the city and a hub to move towards

Type                City Scape Project 2011

Architect        Becht aps

Team               Wsp Ab Sweden

Bygherre         Trafikverket + Region Skåne

Areal                Arlövs City Center

Status              Masterplan 2011

a new epicentre

Arlövs new Station Area is a mayor city development, with 2000 new homes, offices, retail and public functions as Bath and Library.

Our answer is an Epi Centre binding a variety of activities and attractions to the new city. We introduce a huge urban space that by sequences of places and squares, emerge from the Station in West to the City park in East. It’s a dense new multi flexible platform connecting al functions. We propose a unique design that will bring identity as well as a new landmark for the city. 

It should be dense between attractions in the new epicenter, we call it generate Arlöv

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Frederik VI Alle 9,  2000 Frederiksberg,  Denmark
CVR  DK 35 39 04 99

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