wulfsiedelung hamborg 2016

wulfsiedelung  hamborg

We add a new flexible order that shape meaningful activities and living qualities, by redesign the environment as well as the houses

Type                1 Prize Architect Competition 2015

Landscape      Becht aps

Team               Lorenzen Mayer Architekten Gmbh

Client              KG Havobau Gmbh + Hansestadt Hamburg 

Areal               ca. 65.000 m2 / 660 homes

Status             Masterplan / Design Guide 2016

first, we became charmed

We want to maintain the atmosphere of living in the nature with large trees and beautiful hedge motives. We just add a new social and functional order, by bringing a fluid constellation between the “Eingangshof" as the formal courtyard, and the “Gartenhof” as private green enclosed oasis.  Our input includes shaping new activites as playground, recreation spaces and areas into the neightbordhood. 

We redesign the Wulfsiedelung into spaces to accommodate living values of the people inhabiting them.

We move Wulfsiedelung forward through a new content that engages and makes sense

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becht  aps

Frederik VI Alle 9,  2000 Frederiksberg,  Denmark
CVR  DK 35 39 04 99

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