ehrenfeld colonge 2016

ehrenfeld colonge

The Guterbahnhof Ehrenfeld transforms from a station area downtown Cologne into a sustainable hub bringing life to city.

Type               1 Prize Architect Competition 2014

Landscape      Becht aps

Team               Lorenzen Mayer Architekten Gmb

Client              Aurelis Asset Gmbh + Stadt Köln

Areal                ca. 72000 m2

Status              Landscape Project 2015 -2016

significant urban identity

Güterbahnhof Ehrenfeld is the last left-over area to develop into housing in downtown Cologne. The city therefore sets high demands for a good environmentally planning towards a carbon neutral and dense living area. Our proposal focuses on a social and flexible theme that will bring a variation with different urban and landscape elements. In addition to connect and integrate the new hub to the surrounding city.

Overall with a strong architectural expression that will bring a significant identity to Ehrenfeld.

Our output adds both an urban and nature expressions, from an inner dense city character with urban spaces, to an outer green natural landscape for pleasure, play and sports

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