norra stationsgatan stockholm 2017

norra stationsgatan  stockholm

What is good city ? Can a place be a brand ?  Current example of this is the vision project for Norra Stationsgatan in Stockholm

Type                Vision development project

Architect         Becht aps

Team               NordicConcept AB

Client              Hagastadens Fastighetsägare

Areal               Norra Stationsgatan with Inner Court Yard

Status             First phase 2018 _ 400 meter of the Avenue

bringing a true sense of identity

Building value in this space of change as Norra Stationsgatan, requires deep understanding of how people and commerce act and interact. A unique cowork where all property owners and clients at Norra Stationsgatan participates. We express the clients core values by develop the urban space first by programming and then by design. 

The redesign of the urban space accommodate and predict the behavior, culture and values of the people inhabiting them.

From the most intimate spheres of our lives to big spheres of our livbusiness, it’s the same: new forms of culture are reshaping cities

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