waterfront stege 2013

waterfront stege

We carve out a design that can strengthen the attraction of the city

Type                Urban development project 2013

Landscape      Becht aps

Team               Zark Architects - Project responsible 

Client              Municipality of Vordingborg

Areal               City of Stege

steges new face

New vitalized public access along the harbour can be viewed as a landmark by itself, but we wish to make this statement even stronger by creating a new, physical statement: A new attractiv platform emphasizing public access. 

We visualize a new face for Stege to the world

First, we shape a new flow in Stege bringing interaction between different functions. Next, we develop the city's nods to attractive hubs that will generate life

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becht  aps

Frederik VI Alle 9,  2000 Frederiksberg,  Denmark
CVR  DK 35 39 04 99

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