Dun Laoghaire Library Dublin 2007

dun laoghaire library dublin

We propose - Do not place the library in the park, but park in the library

Type                2 Prize Architect Competition 2007

Architect        Arkitema

Client              Dublin City Council

Areal               ca. 12.000 m2

Overall responsibility for landscape design  Peter Becht

undulating sheet of paper

Dun Laoghaire, on the one hand, needed a new  library, but could not afford to lose more of its  parks. We could give the city both!  The duality in the sheet interior and exterior  surfaces creates a unique link between park and the library. The park emergence and takes shape with gentle slopes of new paths across the park and public spaces.

From the park you get a fantastic view over Dublin and the sea beyond. It is a recreational grass area to play and stay - a place you would look for.

While wandering through the park or our main foyer "Agora" - a wealth of new experiences awaits visitors in Dun Laoghaire

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