new solutions to contemporary challenges

architectural foresightedness

Is how we work that pushes boundaries of what is possible

We stand for an attitude, that express design through a core values in many dimensions. It has been our silver thread that runs through every task. Today our work comes mainly by winning architecture competitions.  One example in this field is the awarded project Generate Arlöv.


We always provide the projects with ideal conditions

From our perspective, a successful project requires a process founded on trust and strong cooperation between all involved parties _based on openness and dialogue. We work in the crossbreed between urban and landscape enviroment, by building bridges between knowledge and people. City Vision Trelleborg is one relevant example of venture project.


Becht aps was founded by Peter Becht in july 2013 after several years in leading position. Peter Becht has 30 years of experience in the design, project design and total consultancy services regarding landscape projects. He has position as Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture "Applied Urban Open Space Planning and Design", at University of Copenhagen, member of the Society of Artists The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and external examiners for The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Kolding School of Design and Aarhus School of Architecture.

Becht aps is member of DANSKE ARK Danish Association of Architectural Firms and DI The Confederation of Danish Industry.

Peter Becht


 Landscape Architect MAA MDL MSA

 Associated Professor

1 st. winning projects
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International projects

Prizes and awards

Our work comes from several rewarding and recognized national and international competitions.

Many of them have already been put into practice or are under way to being realized, often in collaboration with some of the best architects around.

Becht Aps was founded in 2013. Previously awards and prizes was assigned to Becht Landscape Architecture. 

Selected awards

2018          German Planning Award "polis Award"  for social living project in Waldbaldviertel, Cologne.

2016          German green living Award "Viertel für Grün"  for the landscape project in Waldbaldviertel, Cologne.

2011          Randers Architect Award for Østervold

2005          Swedish Landscape Architect Award ”Utemiljöpris” to P.Becht for World Culture Museum in Gothenburg.

2004          Randers Architect Award for urban development of Thors bakker.

1st prizes in architect competitions

2019          Roggendorf  Development  I  Cologne, Germany

2019          Simonskaul  Development  I  Cologne, Germany

2018          School of Music and Performing Arts  I   Culture  I  Frederiksberg, Denmark

2017          Gartenstadt Marienhain  I   City District  I  Berlin, Germany

2016          Junkersdorf  Development  I  Cologne, Germany

2016          Häuschensweg  I  Development  I  Cologne, Germany

2015          Wulfsiedelung  I  Development  I  Hamburg, Germany

2014          Erhenfeldt  I  Development  I  Cologne, Germany

2014          Celle Platz  I  Urban space  I  Celle, Germany

2014          Albertstadt Kaserne  I  Development  I  Dresden, Germany

2014          Hafenkanten  I  Waterfront  I  Bremen, Germany

2013          Mauerpark  I  Planning   Berlin, Germany

2013          Waldbadviertel  I  Development  I  Cologne, Germany

2013          Riverside Stadtwerder   Waterfront  I  Bremen, Germany

2013          Vattentornet  I  City Scape  I  Växjö, Sweden

2013          Microapartments KW Strasse  I  Development  I  Hannover, Germany

2012          Hochschule Nuegraben  I  Culture  I  Hamburg, Germany

2012          Haubenhauser  I  Development  I  Bremen, Germany

2012          Fischers Alle  I  Development  I  Hamburg, Germany

2011          Genera Arlöv  I  Planning  I   Skåne, Sweden

2011          Grüne Mitte  I  Development  I  Bremen, Germany

2011          Überseestadt    Waterfront  I  Hamburg, Germany

2010          Campus Berufliche Universitet  I  Culture  I  Hamburg, Germany

2010          Lottestrasse  Development   Osnabruck, Germany

2004          Østervold  I  Urban space   Randers, Denmark

2004          Thorgrunden  I  City District  I  Randers, Denmark

2002          Fischbeck    Planning  I  Hamburg, Germany

2001          Hafencity Städebau  I  Waterfront  I  Hamburg, Germany

2001          Himmegeist Ittern  I  Planning  I  Düsseldorf, Tyskland

2000          Winterhude Stadtpark  I   City District  I  Hamburg, Tyskland

2000          Gasselsteige Eco Housing  I  Development  I  Munster, Tyskland

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